What Are Good Carbs?

There is lots of hype against carbohydrates these days. They truly get a bad rap. Not all carbohydrates are created equal and some are actually essential to our well-being. The following is a dive into what are good carbs.

First, we should establish what bad carbs are. Bad carbs are simple burning carbs that spike your insulin and can be stored as fat. They cause a rush of energy and then cause the infamous crash. These sudden rises and falls in blood sugar is what makes us want to eat more

For the most part, good carbs are complex carbohydrates meaning that they burn slower and do not cause insulin to soar. Instead, insulin is slightly raised and complex carbs provide lasting energy. Complex carbs allow you to eat less because they do not cause spikes and crashes. Good carbs also keep your muscles constantly fed and avoid being in a catabolic state. This is good for growing and preserving muscle since muscle is what keep metabolism high and efficient.

Some good carbs are also essential to our well-being. This is especially true for fiber which is a non-insulin raising carbohydrate. Fiber is necessary to feed our microbiome. The microbes in our gut is what keeps us healthy and helps maintain a strong immune system. The best fiber for these microbes are found in vegetables.

Another essential carbohydrate is fruit. Fruit is packed with antioxidants that fight dioxins and free radicals. This is especially necessary when losing weight because weight-loss increases pollutants in the blood stream since those pollutants were trapped in our fat when we first gained it.

Don't get caught up with macro-nutrients. That is only half the story for a balanced diet or a meal prepping plan. No matter what your goals are, micro-nutrients also play a significant role. Don't bash the carb, instead embrace the advantages and stay away from all simple carbs.

Examples of Simple Carbs
Processed "Food"
Fast "Food"
White Bread

Examples of Complex Carbs
Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat
Whole Grain

Examples of Essential Carbs
Most Fruit
Most Vegetables