The Risks in Meat Consumption

Humans have been eating meat for millions of years (even though these humans only lived to about 25) and, thus, we are meant to eat meat. This is the basic argument for meat lovers. Although there are advantages to eating meat, we should take a look at the risks of meat before we blindly indulge.

In the fitness world, we always talk about protein. Protein is essential to building bodily tissues, especially muscle tissue, but what if there is something in meat that harms us? Well, there is. There are several dioxins that are found in the food chain. These dioxins are fat soluble so they attach to animal fat. When humans eat these meats, the dioxins then attach to our fat and stay there until that fat is burned off. When was the last time you burned fat you gained seven years ago found right above your muscles and not immediately below your skin?

These dioxins have been linked to some cancers and may make you feel ill. That is why when people lose lots of fat, they have more pollutants in their blood and, therefore, they tend to feel sick. All those dioxins get released into the blood. Dioxins have also been linked as a cause for diabetes! As a lifter myself, it was hard accepting this fact.

The best thing to do is to eat fruits and veggies while losing weight as these foods have vitamins (antioxidants) which will help fight off these pollutants. Eat fruits in the morning and after work outs to best manage the increase in fructose. 

You don't have to abstain from eating meat but moderation is key. The less dioxins you have in your body, the more willing your body is to burning more fat. This is because your body uses fat as a countermeasure to protect you when too many dioxins are present. Therefore, to lose weight, you must have a low dioxin environment so it is counter productive to further eat meat to lose weight.

In obese individuals, dioxins have also been found to cause cardiovascular disease and death. These dioxins are no joke. They come from all the pesticide use in agriculture which is used to feed livestock. Plants don't absorb dioxins because dioxins are hydrophobic (water fearing) and, so, they attach to fat but crops can be covered in dioxins which is why it is important to always wash your produce. 

Strive for lean cuts and avoid eggs and dairy. Dioxins become harmful from chronic exposure so stagger your meat feasting. Stay away from processed meat! Wash the meat when you prep and add broccoli and lemon! (antioxidants)