Cancer Needs One Thing To Exist: Carbohydrates

There is still no cure for cancer. Cancer has many different ways of showing up in the body and, therefore, there are different ways to treat each one. Predominantly, glucose comes from a process that starts with carbohydrates. New insight into carbohydrate intake has shown that cancer cells need glucose for cell growth and development.

Because cancer cells use glucose as a fuel source, it can be concluded that restricting carbohydrates can prevent cancer from starting in the first place. A low carb diet may also help treat cancer patients.

It is also important to note that the rise of cancer patients has rose at about the same time and rate as the production of high glycemic foods like chips, breads, pastas, etc. It all began sometime around the industrial revolution.

Now you might ask, "if glucose is the fuel of cancer, what other fuel can we use"? Well it turns out that there is an alternative fuel source called ketone bodies. Our brains and other organs can use ketone bodies as a fuel source. These ketones arise when glucose is low and/or exhausted. Low glycemic diets can encourage this process called ketosis.

When your body is working under ketosis, you are also more likely to lose weight due to less water retention, more fat burning, and less insulin spikes.

Some people may ask, "if carbohydrates are so bad, then why are they being mass produced more than anything else"? The answer is simple. In the 1950's and 1960's, the sugar industry funded lots of scientific research to concentrate on how the body needs glucose to sustain an "active lifestyle" (that explains all those carbs in the food pyramid) and they also funded research on studies focusing on how fat is the real nutritional enemy (we actually need lots of dietary fat to produce necessary hormones like testosterone and growth hormone....mmm avocados).


We all have a love/hate relationship with carbs, how do you manage? Let me know in the comments!