The 10 Muscle Commandments

Never break these rules to keep the muscles happy for optimal GAINZ! If there are 10 hacks you can do to get the most out of lifting, these 10 are it. Call them the best practices from strength training. 

1. Eat 20-30 grams of protein every 3-4 hours
2. Lift with major muscle groups first, then isolate
3. Consume fast burning carbs only before and after your work out
4. ALWAYS lift first then do cardio afterwards
5. Only do HIIT (High intensity interval training) or slow/steady cardio (incline walking for an hour)
6. Wake-up, hydrate, caffeinate, fast for 1-2 hours 
7. Give each muscle 48-72 hour rest for max gainz
8. Stay away from carbs through out the day. Fat, fiber and sugar alcohol is okay!
9. Nitric Oxide before work outs and amino acids during lifting boost pumps
10. Include meat from fish into your diet

These are the 10 most solid best practices for building lean muscle. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are other things out there but these 10 bring the most bang for there buck. I've tried many things and these brought the most results from my efforts. Disclaimer: nothing will work unless you do. Dedication is an unconditional and non-negotiable factor for Gainz.

What would you suggest to be the 11th? Comment below.