The Power Of Fasting

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? That was the thinking back when milk corporations were lobbying for sales but new studies have determined that lunch is most important. Why? Our ancestors didn't really eat breakfast but they did eat lunch. Meaning, they ate after they hunted or gathered. Here's the power of fasting.

Fasting gives your body time and energy to digest what's already inside your intestines. If new food is introduced, your body will just push out what you got inside instead of really processing it and extracting what it needs.

Fasting forces your body to become much more efficient and economical with it's calories. Instead of spending calories on digesting food (which is why most people feel tired and sluggish after they eat), the body can relocate calories for the brain and muscles resulting in feeling energized.

Fasting also allows you to reduce your calorie intake since you are removing your morning meal. Thus, your body will resort to body fat to and fat in the blood stream to fuel its early day operations.

The best way to fast is to only fast as long as you can tolerate. If it stops feeling normal or you feel too hungry, begin snacking on food and drink lots of water. If you are going to work out, make sure to eat something light an hour or two before working out. After you fasted in the morning (for about 4 hours) you can continue your normal diet plan but also be cognizant about not over indulging later after the fast.

In a week or so of fasting, you will see and feel the difference! How do you feel about fasting? Comment below!