Another Way To Build Muscle

We all know the conventional wisdom of gaining muscle: lifting heavy and increasing quality caloric intake. But another way to gain muscle is a less known one. Hardly anyone at the gym is doing it.

Everybody usually tries to stack up the bars with as much weight as possible maybe as a way to show off but, for lifters, the goal is not flaunting but, rather, getting bigger muscles. 

The alternative to lifting heavy with minimal reps is to do that exact opposite. Lowering the weight to the point where you can rep it out about 15-20 times is just as effective and should be integrated in your exercise plan to increase muscle.

How is lifting light with many reps help? 

I am not saying you should replace your heavy lifting ways with light weights but rather to integrate a light/high rep work out once every week or every other week. Lifting heavy makes your muscles grow outward but high rep/low weight training makes your muscles grow horizontally. In addition, horizontal growth is sometimes necessary for continual outward gains. 

Light weights also create a great pumps that help with getting those hard-to-come-by cuts. They also make your muscles look fuller as they can store much more energy to do the endurance of high reps. You every see someone lift weights relatively heavy to their body weight but don't have big muscles to show for it? Its mainly because they rarely ever do high repetitions and have conditioned their muscles to do just one thing- lift heavy one time.

So don't forget to incorporate a training day where all you do is light weight/high reps of a major muscle group.

Have you tried lifting light with high reps? Whats your experience? Comment below! 

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